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Park Medical Practice actively take part with other Organisations and Services to provide the right care at the right time for the people in the community.  Please take a look at this page for all the different services available in Preston to gain the right help and support.  We actively take part in supporting the community in local schemes and with the local council.  If you wish to support us on a voluntary basis in supporting these projects, please come and speak to us.  We are also open to ideas of holding coffee mornings or support groups to help you interact with the right professionals.

Social Prescriber

What can a Social Prescriber do for you?

Socioeconomic factors have consistently been found to have a greater impact on health than healthcare.  In addition, frailty and long term conditions can negatively affect social and physical activity, finances, and relationships, which in turn can lead to a further decline in health and wellbeing

Emerging evidence suggests that social prescribing can improve people’s health and wellbeing and reduce workload for healthcare professionals and demand in Primary and Secondary Services.  Social prescribing is targeted at a range of patients, including those who are socially isolated and those with long term physical and/or mental health conditions. 

We at the Park Medical Practice have a Social Prescriber in-house for all your social needs.  Please contact reception to book an anppointment with our Social Prescriber.


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