Asthma UK is a free online resource to help all patients learn more about their asthma as well as preventing asthma attacks.
Visit for more information and support.

Asthma UK also offer short videos to learn how to use your inhaler proper and better manager your respiratory symptoms. Simply follow the link below for good practice on how to use your respiratory inhaler in just three minutes!

In addition to this Asthma UK have a helpful guide and information on measuring your peak flow. Peak Flow readings can be a simple yet effective way improve the management of your asthma alongside tracking your symptoms.
For more information on Peak Flow Tests and to download your free peak flow diary click here!

The Park Medical Practice invites all asthmatic patients who are on regular inhalers in for an asthma review every year. If you have not yet had your asthma review with a Practice Nurse or you would like more support with managing your asthma please contact the surgery on 01772 529000 who will be able to arrange a mutually convenient appointment.