Self Treatment of Common Illnesses and Accidents

In the UK around 16 appointments per GP per day are made by patients for conditions that are self treatable.

Local GP practices are supporting the need to review all NHS spending to ensure it is giving value for money for all patients. This means that clinicians are working hard to direct NHS funds towards those medicines that make a real difference to patient’s lives, for example, those suffering disability, cancer, diabetes, heart disease and a wide range of other illnesses. Therefore we may ask you to treat minor ailments with easily purchased over-the-counter products, many of which can be bought cheaply under their generic name rather than paying for a branded version.

The community of pharmacies in Preston will treat minor ailments and supply medicines according to the Greater Preston ICB minor ailments local formulary. Please read our MINOR AILMENTS INFORMATION SHEET for further guidance.

Many minor ailments can be treated at home with the help of the Minor Ailments Scheme operated by the pharmacists in the Preston locality. Medicines will be supplied free for patient exempt from prescription charges.

Please support your NHS by asking your local pharmacist (chemist) for advice on the following Minor Ailments:

Pain Relief

Colds & Flu


Sore Throat

Dry Cough

Productive Cough

Dry Skin

Nasal Congestion



Tummy Upset


Hay Fever

Bites & Stings